Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Rainbow Planet

The Rainbow Planet



This is a story about a boy, a message, and the rainbow.


Little Joseph lived with his mother and father who loved him very much.  He was a boy who always questioned everything…

One of Little Joseph’s biggest questions was why his father was black, his mother was white, and he was brown.

One day, Little Joseph decided to ask his father this question.

He asked his father, “Dad, why are you, me and mommy all different colors?”  Little Joseph’s father looked at Little Joseph directly and after a moment he said, “God makes his children in all different colors son.”

Little Joseph thought for a minute and then said, “So that’s why our neighbors, the Alvarado’s, are light brown?”  Joseph’s father smiled and said, “Yes son, that’s why.”

Little Joseph lay in his bed that night and spent a lot of time thinking about what his father had told him.

Little Joseph finally went to sleep thinking God must be like someone who likes flowers because flowers come in all different colors.

The next day little Joseph was playing with his friend Paul and his dogs.  Paul had three dogs, Lucy the mama dog, Ricky the daddy dog, and their puppy Mia.

Little Joseph noticed that the dogs were all different colors like his family.  The daddy dog was brown, the mama dog was black, and the puppy was a lighter brown than the daddy.

Little Joseph asked his friend Paul, “Do you know why the dogs are different colors?”  Paul said, “Because they are.”  Little Joseph said, “No, it’s because God likes all different colors.”

Paul looked at his friend Joseph and said, “I guess you’re right because the world is filled with different colors.”

The next day was Little Joseph’s first day at school.  His dad was already at work, so his mom took him to school.

When his mom dropped him off in class, everyone was quietly staring at his mom.

The teacher told Little Joseph that she was glad to meet him and showed him his chair.

The little boy sitting next to Little Joseph, who was brown like him said, “Your mom’s white!”  Little Joseph said, “So.”  The teacher told them not to talk unless they raised their hand or were called upon.

During lunch, the other brown kid in class, whose name was Michael, told all the other kids he was with that Little Joseph’s mom was white.  All of them started to look at Little Joseph differently and would not talk to him.  Little Joseph went home and cried that night.

The next day at school, Little Joseph had decided what he was going to do.  When Michael and his friends teased him at lunch, he told them that God likes all colors.  They just stared at him with their mouths open.  He looked directly at Michael and said, “No matter what color a person is, they are still a person.”

After lunch, Michael and his friends wouldn’t look at Little Joseph.  Finally, when the teacher was writing something on the chalkboard, Michael looked at Little Joseph and said, “My cousin is white, so I guess you’re right.  I’m sorry.”  Little Joseph said, “That’s okay.  I questioned it too and my dad helped me understand.”  They became friends after that.

That night, Little Joseph went to sleep thinking about God and how he liked all colors.

He woke up remembering a beautiful dream about the rainbow.

Little Joseph’s father had decided to take Little Joseph and his friend Paul fishing that day.  It was raining in the morning but it was supposed to stop soon and the sun was already starting to show.

When the rain stopped, they all saw a big beautiful rainbow in the sky.

Little Joseph turned to his dad and said, “Dad, I think we’re the Rainbow Planet!  We’re people of all colors just like the rainbow.  So instead of Earth, I’m going to call it The Rainbow Planet.”

After a moment, Little Joseph’s dad said, “You’re right son, you’re absolutely right!”


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